Data Journalist, Writer

About Me


I'm a reporter and data analyst who splits my time during the week between the Wall Street Journal and NBC News. I also head-up the American Communities Project at George Washington University's School of Media and Public Affairs, an effort that uses demographic data to break the nation's 3,100 counties into 15 types of communities. 

My work centers on exploring the divides in America by studying how demographic differences affect  community economics, culture and politics. That work was the focus of Our Patchwork Nation, available from Gotham Books.  

I’ve been a journalist for some two  decades now with stints at Newsweek, the Christian Science Monitor and  the Project for Excellence in Journalism. I have also lived the  freelance life with pieces appearing in outlets ranging from the  Washington Post Magazine to The Economist to The New Republic.

While I’m now a card-carrying member  of the East Coast Media Industrial Complex (bouncing between DC and New  York), my roots are still firmly planted in the Industrial Midwest. I  grew up outside Detroit and graduated from Michigan State University,  where I majored in journalism and history.

I live in DC with my wife, Christina Ianzito, and our two children. Please feel free to contact me with any and all questions you might have.